20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers 2016

20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers 2016

Tomorrow’s challenge is to develop new medicines that can prevent or cure currently incurable diseases. Today’s challenge is to get to tomorrow – and that’s a tall order in itself. The environment in which Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies operate is increasingly challenging, being driven by an ever demanding healthcare agenda. The global need for innovative, cost effective medicines continues to rise whilst regulators, payers, health care providers and patients are demanding greater value for money, proven effectiveness of products, more transparency and access to information. To meet these demands companies are seeking ways to improve R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations, rationalize spending on sales & marketing and enhance financial performance. The tools to develop remarkable new medicines are materializing, demand for its products is increasing and the barriers to free trade are falling.

Innovation in pharmaceuticals has a dramatic impact both on the health and wellness of millions of people and the bottom lines of the companies in the sector as well. Likewise, although biotech drugs have steadily carved a niche for themselves in the pharma market, traditional chemical-based drugs continue to dominate life sciences sector sales.The most innovative players are growing faster than their less pioneering competitors – though well-defined innovation strategies are still far from universal. Talent remains a challenge for Pharma compared to other industries but executives are putting in place measures to address this. Inspiration from outside the walls with an emphasis on co-creation with external partners and even customers is also sought after. 

With new entrants transforming the healthcare industry setting aside all challenges, we present to you a list of 20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers.  Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReview editorial board we believe that these pharma vendors have the technical skill-sets and business acumen to deliver effective healthcare solutions and help healthcare organizations achieve a healthy society.

We present to you CIOReviewindia 20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers 2016.

Company Name Company Description
ACD Labs Develops various software tools that includes ACD/Structure Elucidator, Automated Structure Verification solution, pKa property predictor, NMR Processing and prediction software.
Aequor Technologies Delivers end-to-end IT services to effectively disseminate information and transform important business processes for Research, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Sales departments of Life Sciences...
Atachi Software Systems Offers Cloud-based Manufacturing Execution Systems for Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Electronics & Automotive manufacturing industries and SMEs.
Bio-Analytical Technologies Deployed in Product Development, Quality Assurance and Research & Development initiatives for segments such as Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Lab Informatics, Bioinformatics, Food...
Bioxcel Corporation A provider of strategy consulting and cloud based pharma big data analytics solutions to improve the outcomes of the clinical and commercial success of drug pipelines.
BizBites Technologies Develops and distributes business intelligence software solutions, including asset mapping & maintenance, ERP, market intelligence, and laboratory management software.
Dorizoe Lifesciences Proffers comprehensive end-to-end services which include Formulation & Development, Analytical Method Development & Validations, Impurity Profiling and Stability Testing to pharmaceutical companies.
e-nnovation Life Sciences A service provider of DNA services, PCR cloning & subcloning, qPCR services, next generation sequence and capillary array services.
ICON Plc. Lends it's services for Clinical Research, Drug Development, Imaging Laboratory, Late Phase Research, Early Phase Drug Discovery, Medical Devices and Diagnostics and Adaptive Trials.
Infionic Renders unified platform comprizing ERP, PPM, CRM & HRM modules across various industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Professional Service Automation.
Infogain Poffers Oracle Knowledge Management, Insurance Solutions, Application Management Services, Retail POS Solutions, Business Intelligence and MDM, Cloud Solutions, Mobility Solutions, SFDC Solutions.
Jubilant Life Sciences Furnishes APIs, Solid Dosage Formulations, Radiopharmaceuticals, Allergy Therapy Products, Life Science Ingredients and Drug Discovery Solutions.
Karomi Technology Caters to Life Sciences companies assisting them mitigate the inherent damage to productivity, profitability, brand reputation and patient safety.
Leo Technosoft Supplier of Product Engineering, Partner Product Development, Mobility, SaaS Product Development, Sharepoint Development, Cloud Services, Offshore Software Development, IT Services, Custom Security...
Light Pharma Delivers Strategic Consulting, Six Sigma, Regulatory Compliance, Process Management, Technology Assessment and Benchmarking services for Life Sciences, Health Care industries.
Nascent Life Science Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of antibacterial capsule, nsaids antirhemtaoid spasmodic Tablet and other PCD Pharma services.
Nucleome Informatics Provides access to a combined resource of in-house bioinformaticians, statisticians and biologists working together to analyse and interpret genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and metagenomics data.
Sciformix Technologies Provides Pharmacovigilance, Signal Detection & Risk Management, Medical Writing, Clinical Operations Support, Medical Information & Communications Support, Regulatory Strategy & Consulting.
Smajo Consulting Avails System Integration, Application Development and Consulting services for Pharmaceutical, Life-Sciences, Manufacturing, Education, Contact Centers & Chemical industries.
Tata Consultancy Services Assists Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices and Diagnostics companies to accelerate drug discovery, advance clinical trial efficiencies, accentuate manufacturing productivity and amplify sales...