Edkal Technologies: Helping SMEs Improve the Efficiency and Cost Optimization

CIO Vendor Indian pharmaceutical industry has shown an exponential growth, registering for itself a crucial position in the international pharmaceutical market which is expected to grow even further. SMEs have played a crucial role in propelling the growth of Indian pharmaceutical industry, adding significant value to it. As the industry is expected to see heightened global competition, the SME sector stands in need of business process upgradation to be able to match the raised standard of competition. SMEs in this sector need technological assistance to establish seamless coordination between processes to bring in desired efficiency, innovations and deliver end products and services meeting the universal standards. Perfectly understanding the current needs of the SME sector owing to the 30 years of service expertise in the life sciences and healthcare domain, Edkal Technologies proffers its expertise and domain knowledge to cater to the technological needs in this segment. The healthcare industry faces the technological barriers in delivering comprehensive, personalized, and seamless services to its clients. Addressing these concerns, Edkal Technologies provides cloud-based solutions, advanced analytics, IoT, enterprise automation, engineering process automation, and multilevel marketing.

Cost Optimization and Complete Traceability
The parent company Sabi-Sabinsa group is positioned in the ‘nutraceuticals’ segment with a focus towards prevention methods rather than correction and rectifications. Deriving its goal from this approach, Edkal Technologies is delivering its services, aimed at better health at optimized cost.
The company gathers information on natural products which can be analyzed for providing healthcare solutions. It ensures that the data collected and analyzed have complete traceability and leave a full audit trail for any changes required.Also, the company is offering digital engineering services in the ‘nutraceuticals’ and ‘cosmeceuticals’ domains for life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. It offers its digital engineering services on cloud to the SME sector on costeffective models.

Catering to its customers’ needs, the company has already delivered some key statutory requirements for pharmaceutical industry and optimized the cost of operations through Data Analytics. Also, it has built a cloud-hosted lab to address various technological requirements of this segment. The company proffers its digital platform solutions to pharmaceutical clients in the area of R&D, Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Production, and Maintenance. Edkal Technologies offers these solutions on a modular basis to help the enterprises function seamlessly. It deploys a disciplined and agile oriented approach in solution development in both the domains, whether digital or legacy. It has developed a digital enterprise automation solution to automate and manage business operations for its clients.

Marketing Needs of SMEs
Catering to the marketing needs of the SMEs in this sector, Edkal Technologies offers multi-level marketing platform for them to reach directly to the retail customers as well as dealers.
The company offers online enterprise applications, enabling the purchase and delivery of products directly to the warehouse or customers. This helps the clients to significantly cut down on the time and optimize the cost required to launch a product in the market as well as across different countries. Owing to its global service capabilities, the company has extended its services to U.S, Europe, Middle, and Far East countries.