itelligence: Customizing SAP Practices Aligned with the Pharma Industry

CIO Vendor The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been forecasted to reach USD 55 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 15.92 per cent. With the growing demand for quality healthcare and the government adopting several measures to boost this segment, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is now on the cusp of a transformation and is being presented with ample opportunities in the domestic market. However, despite the immense potential for growth, the industry which is highly fragmented is confronted with a slew of challenges surrounding patent protection, lack of regulatory data protection, government price controls, clinical trials and increasing healthcare expenditures. Striving to resolve these challenges, itelligence brings tailor-made solutions to manage product development and production processes to increase profitability across the pharmaceutical industry.

itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers of solutions in support of SAP solutions, employing about 6.000 highly qualified employees in 24 countries. As a frequently awarded SAP partner, among others global value-added reseller, SAP Certified in Cloud Services, SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Platinum Partner, itelligence realizes complex projects in the SAP solution-based environment worldwide. The company’s services in support of SAP solutions range from consulting and licensing to application management services and hosting services to proprietary industry-specific SAP. In 2016, itelligence generated total sales of EUR 777.9 million.

Headquartered in Germany with its Indian offices spread across Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon, itelligence is a SAP Global partner that leverages its knowledge of regulations, processes and practices in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to improve the management and traceability of production processes. With over 25 years of expertise in this domain, the company provides SAP Consulting and Application Management support services. The Industry specific solution of intelligence brings about automation of procurement processes, highly compliant & efficient production execution processes with proper audit trail, robust quality assurance mechanism, improved track & trace
capability, validation of processes and higher degree of regulatory compliance to organizations involved in manufacturing of bulk drugs, formulations, API and CRAMS. In India today, more and more pharmaceutical companies are looking to upgrade their IT systems to meet the growing demands of the regulatory bodies and to address the overall digital transformation challenges. itelligence is well positioned to help customers implement robust SAP solutions to address the increasing operational & regulatory demands while establishing a strong digital core to accelerate the digital journey of its customers.” affirms Sanjeev Deshpande, MD, itelligence.

itelligence leverages its knowledge of regulations, processes and practices in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to improve the management and traceability of production processes

As a SAP platinum partner, itelligence developed deep SAP know-how and Industry expertise built over a period of two decades, to render SAP Consulting services in countries across Asia, America, Western and Eastern Europe. The company’s agile methodology involves the frequent validation of the solution, verification of progress with regular quality checks. Intelligence methodology known as Conference Room Pilot (CRP) utilizes best practice build-ing blocks in a demonstrable fashion to help organizations adapt Industry proven best practices in the most efficient &effective manner. Recognizing the need to ensure quality throughout the supply chain, itelligence’s SAP solutions bring about a homogenous system landscape, seamless process integration and visibility for the increased speed across entire supply chain network.

Since its inception in 1989, itelligence has progressed consistently and has grown to be a global provider in the SAP domain. With its focus primarily aligned towards the pharma segment, the company hopes to equip the industry with advanced analytics, integrated lab analysis reports and track and trace functionality to optimize their production processes. The company also intends to expand across India and globally in the upcoming future.