Nucleome Informatics: To Learn, Serve and Discover Science through Genome Sequencing

CIO Vendor Explosive growth of biological techniques necessitates acquisition, processing, analysis, and integration of the data generated by experiments as diverse as genomics, cloning, expression analysis, genotyping, cellular analysis, and others. The increasing application of genomics in biotech and pharmaceutical research & development has created a huge commercial market for sequencing and bioinformatics worldwide. Rising steadily in the market for bioinformatics is the Hyderabad, Telangana, headquartered Nucleome Informatics. The company was founded in 2012 by Manoj Karpuram, Abhishek Tripathi, Bipin Kumar and Dushyant Singh Baghel.

Nucleome Informatics is a specialised sequencing and bioinformatics solution service provider that assists Indian scientists by generating and analysing heavy datasets produced by Next Gen Sequencing and in this process, has successfully completed human, plant and animal genomes along with various transcriptome, metagenome and epigenome analysis projects. Nucleome Informatics has also worked with cancer hospitals to sequence & analyze human genomes and transcriptomes to identify novel variants enabling the designs of cancer panels for deeper disease diagnosis. “We are regularly publishing datasets in high impact factor journals along with our customers and innovating new products like DrSeq and BigData Decoder for user friendly data analysis”, says Dushyant Singh Baghel, MD & CEO, Nucleome Informatics.

Efforts under NGS Technologies
The company uses multiple NGS technologies like Illumina HiSeq 2500, Miseq and PacBio RS II in research. Also, Nucleome Informatics recently started using HiSeq Xten , Nanopore, 10x genomics and Bionano Irys system to answer client’s genomics questions. It’s important for a bioinformatics company to invest upfront in IT infrastructure, software, tools and human resources to deliver faster and reliable datasets for aspirant scientists.
Constant research efforts to improve Instrument designing, wet lab management and Bioinformatics have creased out the confusions surrounding the understanding, utilization and affordability of NGS technologies. Nucleome Informatics as a service partner encompasses and provides a wide range of next generation sequencing applications supporting most reliable NGS technologies to scientists working on every field of biological and life science research. For organisations that are not well equipped with professional bioinformaticians, Nucleome Informatics has developed user friendly software called DrSeq for RNA sequence analysis. Its usage is as simple as filling up a form. The Nucleome team recently launched Big Data Decoder server specially designed for NGS analysis. The company is also developing multiple pipelines to cover genome, metagenome and epigenome datasets. “Our team understands customer’s requirements and design the research project in such a way that customer gets the relevant information”, adds Dushyant. Nucleome Informatics’ technically strong, updated, research oriented and customer friendly presentations won the company high value projects like Tobacco, Wild Buffalo, Tiger, Mung Bean, Mash Bean and Mango genome sequencing-which was the first ever in the world. Nucleome Informatics has characterized cell lines to identify the viral integration for a reputed Vaccine Manufacturer in 2015 which triggered a new service segment of the company’s business.

Nucleome’s focus had always been Plant and Human genomics; in the years to come the company plans to strengthen their position in these two fields. “We always relied on discovering and developing solutions in-house and in future too our focus will be in strengthening the DrSeq portfolio, research and development of new bioinformatics products for plant and human genomics for India”, concludes Dushyant.