BizBites Technologies: Supporting Innovations in Life Sciences with Strategically Designed Solutions

CIO Vendor Compliance and quality management solutions could define success or failure in the life sciences industry, making them pivotal for innovation within the industry. With stringent regulatory and compliance measures being enforced, the enterprises encounter process integrity issues due to lack of proper management and control systems. The industry is thus in need of appropriate software solutions for compliance, enterprise risk management and quality management, through which companies can ensure that their products are commercially viable with minimal interruptions. Endeavouring to create progress in the life sciences domain, BizBites Technologies, hailing from Hyderabad, develops solutions to address the diverse requirements of the industry.

Founded in 2005, the organisation has built a portfolio of offerings that assist enterprises with process integrity, data integrity and resource management, helping them harness their resources to the maximum potential and create products that meet the existing regulatory and compliance norms. At the forefront of these solutions is tQmlab, a Laboratory Information Management System, designed to track and organize samples along with their associated data in an efficient work-flow model. The flexible architecture of this system incorporates different functionalities to provide error free validations, workflows, instrument and software integration, records protection and ease of access from any location, helping to manage multiple aspects of laboratory informatics, within the regulatory framework. In doing so, the software greatly alleviates labour costs, transportation costs are reduced as tasks in different locations can be managed from a single point and monotonous jobs are taken away from the scientific workforce allowing them room for more intelligent work. “tQmlab is the perfect partner for an ethically run, process integrity focused company as it provides a 100 percent Web based, Single Sign On, fully integrated paper free system that ensures real time data availability and complete process integrity.” says Pradeep Mocherla, Founder, BizBites Technologies. BizBites is thus enabling the Indian Life Science market to attain greater quality management and meet its potential of growth.
Optimizing Business Management
Additionally, BizBites offers another signature product, Kolme. This cloud based platform and business management system efficiently integrates all the critical organisation operations, optimizing business processes for clients. Aligning various people and resource planning modules such as training, knowledge, performance and recruitment processes, the system allows complete visibility into processes thereby bringing greater efficiencies and an overall competitive edge to the organisation. The distinctive feature of this product is its high configurability and customizability which can be attuned to the individual process needs instead of tailoring company process to meet system specifications. Moreover, the company designs solutions for ERP System, Market Intelligence Systems, Asset Mapping and QHSE Management (Quality, health, safety, environment), utilising Microsoft domain expertise and latest technology platforms to build them.

BizBites is enabling the Indian Life Science market to attain greater quality management and meet its potential of growth

In Conclusion
Through these various undertakings, the company has developed the expertise to provide process centric software solutions to organisations. Currently catering to different domains such as R&D, Clinical Research, Intermediaries and Commercial Labs, BizBites aims to invest in software intelligence to bring transformative digital changes and help companies further advancements in life sciences.